Enabling AltGr+4 for rupee/euro on Hyprland

Fri, 3 November 2023

Enabling the rupee sign (or the euro sign for that matter) on Hyprland is pretty simple, but not well documented from my “research”.

To begin with, you need to use the altgr-intl layout in order to be able to use it in the first place. This also gives you access to many other characters as well.

To do this, add kb_variant = altgr-intl in the input section of your hyprland.conf.

Past this, the configuration is pretty simple, you just have to add the required options to kb_options.

You can get a list of these with localectl list-x11-keymap-options.

In my case, I needed rupeesign:4

At the end, this is how the hyprland.conf’s input section looks:

input {
    kb_layout = us
    kb_options = rupeesign:4, caps:backspace
    kb_variant = altgr-intl
    [...mouse stuff...]